If you had the power to change history, would you?
The Legend of Novo book series is about ordinary people with extraordinary gifts. It is a story of time traveling and the power to observe humanity's past mistakes at the risk of creating new ones. The first book is about Ashley’s journey back in time to the era of fear and witch-hunting in Europe, an era where common logic was not really...well...very common, confronting the inevitable question: if you had the power to change history, would you?

More about our story: The Legend of Novo is the story of Ashley, a New York student, selected to be part of a secret program to use the power of time travel to learn from humanity's mistakes of the past.

Before her first journey, she is sternly warned by Semita, head of TOA (Time Observers Agency) - Ashley could only observe the events and is not permitted to interfere with history. The consequences would be severe.

Ashley agrees to the terms without much thought, wondering how she could change anything when she is powerless to change her own reality.

Ashley's first mission is to observe the early 17th century, an era of witch-hunting in Europe. She travels to Great Britain to observe and learn from this horrific period in history. She is introduced to and becomes fast friends with a young English woman, Grace, a healer.

In the 17th century, not everything was as it seemed. A horrible fate awaited for this young woman, and Ashley could only watch as events fast tracked until a life changing decision has to be made......

Creator & Author:Amir Avitzur

Illustrators:Sage M. Einarsen

Shelly Chen